Why you should get married during the pandemic.

The restrictions keep on coming, and the rules keep changing. I have complete sympathy for brides who are trying to navigate these tricky waters and are having to plan during the pandemic.

I have seen first hand with my clients how heartbreaking it is to give up on the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, the reality is, we truly don’t know how long it’ll be until we can have 200 person weddings again, complete with sweaty dance floors, shirtless groomsman with their ties around their heads and bridesmaids pouring champagne into each other’s mouths.

However, there’s a few other realities to focus on. There are some silver linings to this situation, and I think it’s important to focus on those. From what I’ve seen in the past almost two years, there are some advantages to this situation…and this is why I want to share my top five reasons for why I think you should still go ahead with your wedding!

  1. The pictures will say more than a thousand words. Photography is always an extremely important element to a wedding…and I’m not just saying that as a photographer, I’m saying that as a married woman. You’ll look at these pictures for the rest of your life, and show them to your children and your grandchildren. They speak louder than any memory or story you’ll have of that day. The photos are forever. Think of all the even more amazing things your photos will represent if you had a wedding during a global pandemic, with only your spouse and a handful of people there. You will look back on those photos and remember how unique,special, and historical that time was.They will be proof of your perseverance and your undying love!
  2. You can focus on what is truly important. Wedding planning can bring out the crazy in all of us. Including those around you. Anyone who has planned a wedding can tell you they’ve had to deal with everyone and their dog’s opinions on something seemingly as insignificant as a centrepiece or colour of ribbon to go on chair backs. It’s ridiculous. Thing is, it’s a pandemic. You’ve already had to deal with a lot, give up a lot, and people close to you will be sensitive to that and hopefully dial back their craziness. Chances are, since you aren’t planning a huge event – it will save you some headaches in the planning process. Step aside, mother-in-laws whose taste in decorations haven’t changed since the 80’s, it’s 2021, and this pandemic bride is doing things her way!
  3. You can splurge on a few things. To add on to that last point, since you aren’t having to plan a large scale event or feed 100+ people, you have some wiggle room to focus on some fun “fancy” touches to your day. The average bride can’t afford to do expensive or personalized wedding favours for their guests, or have an upscale table setting with gold utensils and personalized name cards. Since your group is small, you have the time and perhaps extra cash to do a few of these fun extravagant touches that brides of larger weddings usually pass on.
  4. Or, you can save! You can also say screw it to the gold-encrusted name cards for your 10 guests, and save all the money you would’ve spent on a huge wedding (on average, couples spend anywhere between $20,000-$40,000 on a wedding. That’s a lot of cash!). Sure, your wedding may not have been what you originally thought, but the money you save could maybe get you to your next dream faster! Maybe you’re saving for a baby, or saving up for a big trip (for when we can finally travel again…), and this affordable wedding will help you keep the funds to do so.
  5. You can keep living your life. To add on to point #4, you need to keep on living life. We all have dreams and aspirations, and frankly, time waits for no one. The longer you hold out for a wedding that may not realistically happen for a year or more, the longer you are putting off your other life plans. If being married is important to you before you venture into other plans you have for yourself, go for it! Like they say, love isn’t cancelled. So celebrate your love, tie the knot, and go on to live your happy, married life!  

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