Trending Photoshoot Styles

On a regular day, most of us ask ourselves “but what will I wear…?”, and on a photoshoot day, that question is amplified.

My advice? Go one way, or the other. There are two extremes that are trending right now that I am loving for shoots. Either dress yourselves to the nines, or, go simple. 

On both sides of this, there are trends to consider that I will break down for you. It’s a tough balance to strike because you want your photos to be current, and in style, but you don’t want to timestamp your photos so much with style that in a few years they’ll seem out of date.

That’s what this article is here for. I’ve got a few tips to guide you through a few fun and trendy choices, but still keep you somewhat “in the box” so your photos can proudly stay hung on the wall forever!

1. Neutrals For Days – We love, love, love, neutrals. One of the main things I suggest is to make sure you wear plain, classic pieces with no branding or logos. It keeps your photos looking clean and classy. But in addition to that advice, I strongly recommend you choose nice, subtle neutral colours. Colours are a trend too, and we will all remember the years where “mustard yellow” was the “in” colour. While a certain colour may be everywhere now, and some of you out there may be tempted to match your dress with your husband’s tie and think that’s “the look”, I’m here to gently tell you, no, please no. What is the look, is neutrals that “go”, without making it look like you coordinated it. This applies to casual or dressy looks! Which brings me to my next point.

2. Dress Up or Dress Down – If you and your partner decide to dress up for your engagement photos, don’t just “sort of” dress up. Go all the way. Wear an amazing dressy dress but make sure your partner is in an equally dressy suit. This photographs better. No photographer can make a guy in a pair of chinos and a short sleeve dress shirt look natural standing next to a goddess in a ballgown. If you decide to dress up, go all the way and have fun with it! You only get to celebrate your wedding once, so make it special and mark it with some fun, over dressed photos. Especially if you have to have a smaller celebration because of Covid. This is a fun way to celebrate in a different way. If you decide to go the casual route, consult with me beforehand on some suggestions for accessories or sample photos of trends that photograph well without making it seem like you’re trying too hard, or dressing down too much. I always suggest a cleaner look for crisp photos. Put away the ultra-distressed jeans, and get your edge from pairing classic denim with a pair of badass boots or a hipster hat.

3. Embrace Your Personal Style – Talk to me beforehand! Do you have something about your style that “everyone knows”? Like, are you the girl that ALWAYS wears converse? We can talk about if you want to play this up and incorporate this into your shoot, or, go the other way and rock a completely different look for your shoot. This can apply to hair and makeup, too. Sometimes we want to enhance our usual looks, or, try something different. I work with a number of different hair and makeup artists for many of my shoots, and I’d be happy to recommend someone who can chat with you about your comfort levels before a shoot to come up with some ideas! 

All in all, remember that photography should reflect who you are, and that can either be a side of you that people always see, or, one you want to reveal to everyone. Have fun with it, and I’m always here to help you keep it on trend, but true to you! 

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