Kauai Elopement | Bre & Brody

This trip was definitely one of my favourites! A Kauai elopement, two weeks travelling with my hubby, and some warm weather, made the for the most perfect trip! My husband and I have planned to visit Hawaii for quite some time now and escaping the cold Alberta winter was the perfect time! We planned to spend one week on the Island of Kauai and one week on the Big Island. Bre and her fiance, Brody had already booked me to photograph their wedding this up coming summer in Banff, Alberta, but when I posted that I was travelling to Kauai and was looking for a couple to elope while we were there, they jumped on the opportunity and booked their flights!

When My husband Jon and I arrived to Kauai, we had a few days to settle in before the elopement. Bre and Brody had already been there for nearly a week when we arrived. We met up with them for dinner two nights before their big day to make all the final plans. The day of the elopement was one of my favourite days of the trip! Jon and I arrived to their condo and I began capturing the getting ready moments. We then had the entire day to drive around the island. We headed North Kauai and then back South before the sunset ceremony. The views and different landscapes across the island of Kauai are so vast. Every where you look you get a such a beautiful sight.

After the Kauai elopement, Jon and I headed to the Big Island of Hawaii. Bre and Brody also were there in Kona spending some time before we all had to go home. We were able to meet up with the two on a few occasions. One night we went for pizza and beer then had a blast bowling after and the second time we each adopted a dog for a day! Taking the dogs to the beach and then to a dog friendly restaurant for lunch!

I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet these two special humans! They hold a very special place in my heart and I am so grateful that I can now call them friends!

Here is what Bre had to say about her experience with me as her photographer for her Kauai Elopement!

Love Love Love!

First off, Ash is the kindest person and an incredible photographer. From the beginning, she was always understanding and accommodating when our wedding date and plans changed multiple times, and was always willing to offer support where she could. When deciding to Elope internationally most people tell you to book a photographer “from there”, since they know the area. I disagree, we loved her style and wanted someone who would capture us, not just the destination, and we knew that would be Ash. It was so comfortable having a “familiar” face there, when everything else was so new.

We spent the whole day driving around the island taking photos and had so much fun talking and laughing. Another bonus was Ash’s husband Jon who came with us for the day to help, and he was so amazing! Not only did he tote around my 20 pound bouquet all day, but went out of his way to talk to locals for us and capture video of our ceremony. This whole experience was like being on a fun trip with friends. We are so blown away by the beautiful photos Ash captured of our wedding day, and also by how wonderful and easy this day was thanks to her and Jon. We are so thankful we got to elope in Kauai with Ash and would 100% recommend others to do the same. 

🖤 Bre & Brod

Kauai Elopement | Bre & Brody

Ash MacLean Photography


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